Moi et mon Cristian Leroy

He's your best partner.

Wear it and you're instantly fashionable. You are free to be who you are. To go wherever you want.Cristian Leroy is the partner of your daily adventures. Wear it.

People with and then Cristian Leroy.

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Who is Cristian Leroy

A french student in fashion and design, he is a globetrotter with no money in his coats, he want just enjoy the life, to meet other culture and travel his life long.
An unique way to feel the universe but without a place in the world.
Facing the challenges breating new perfumes, tasting new flavours, meeting people.
It's mean working for an italian maison still thinking to your own trip.
It's mean sharing a mood and to give to the people a tool to find the right one: an adventure or a journey around the world or inside himself.

Moi et mon Cristian Leroy.

Because when you travel you meet people, things, new perfumes and flavours.
Because you can wear it when you are in the metro and you want stay alone. When you don't have make up but you have the poker face to take on the world.
Because with the Christian Leroy you are free to be anything you want.
#MoietmonCristianLeroy to share your story, your mood.

Wanderlust Collection

Wanderlust is a syndrome, and we want you to fall for them. To do this you can‘t resist to travel, to run away and to wander.
Cristian Leroy launch Wonderlust as a time travel, not only in the space, ‘50, ‘70, ‘90 are the style iconic years where you can trip. Without a time and a place, the Wonderlust collection of Cristian Leroy it's only on the online shop.